Vina Hoàng An


Hu Chengjiang, who founded the company in 1973, his development of CNC automatic ball bearing grinding machine in 1984, a pioneering innovation in China for bearing industry, helped the ball bearing industry in China achieve an outstanding breakthrough. Hu Chengjiang’s inventive spirit and his will to succeed have become a permanent part of corporate culture in HCH Group. The development of Huanchi Group can be divided into following 5 stages:

First stage: from 1973 to 1996
In 1973, the HCH Bearing was founded by Mr. HU Chengjiang in Cixi City,   Ningbo, China, as a village owned company. In 1984, with the invention of  CNC automatic ball bearing grinding machines, HCH bearing achieved fast growth and become one of the leading bearing manufacturers in China. In 1991, HCH bearing’s production quantity reaches No. 1 in China with annual production of 30 million pieces. Mr. Hu Chengjiang is awarded as “Top 100 person of state contribution for industry”.




Second stage: from 1997 to 2002
In 1997, the president of the HCH Bearing, Mr. Hu Chengjiang bought the company. From then, the company becomes private owned company. The company starts the globalization strategy. In the following years, HCH also got great achievement in the bearings exporting. In 1999, HCH achieved No.1 in China for bearing exporting and the annual bearing production over 100 million pieces. In the meantime, The HCH Bearing's third factory, steel tube factory was founded. The company started manufacturing steel tube for its own bearings.


Third stage: from 2003 to 2007
In 2003, HCH pacific bearing company was established. HCH imported 60 CNC Japanese superfinishing lines and machinery technology from Japan, Germany and Italy. HCH EMQ quality bearings achieved great success and spread top 500 global OEM customers for household appliances, automobiles, electric motors, pumps. The R&D center is expanding, there are test labs, engineering center inside. HCH No.1 position for ball bearings in China is further strengthened. The annual production reached 180 million pieces in 2007.



Fourth stage: from 2008 to 2010
In year 2008, HCH Shiyan Industry zone was established with 333,500 square meters. In the meantime, HCH Bearing’s new technology building was established. Moreover, The HCH Bearing’s main brand “HCH” was granted as one of the most popular brand in the ball bearing industry in the world. The annual production reaches 250 million pieces in 2008, 300 million pieces for year 2009 and over 360 million pieces for year 2010.




Fifth stage: from 2011 to now
In year 2011, HCH established its own steel ball factory. HCH invested 130 million RMB for the high modern technology of the steel ball manufacturing. From steel tube producing to turning, from heat treatment to precise grinding, from Assembly to research and development, HCH achieved all processes finished in house. Now, HCH also start making components of the bearing by itself to guarantee a consistent high quality bearing supplying.